But My Realtor Said I Didn’t Need Flood Insurance!

But my realtor said I didn’t need flood insurance!

By Wally Conway
August 21, 2013

“People need to realize… that houses flood even when they are not water front. They flood even in a normal neighborhood” Tim Nolan..flood victim…Orange Park, FL
Tim’s home purchase was a dream come true for Tim, his wife and young kids. But, shortly after buying their home in 2006 their dream became a nightmare. Tim’s home flooded in 2007 after a heavy rainstorm dumped ankle deep water onto the floors.
The water destroyed furniture, the kids’ books, toys, clothes and about anything else on the floor. It also turned the bottom of all the walls into drywall mush. When the water receded, it was replaced by mold.
Tim had been told by his lender that flood insurance was not mandatory and his realtor told him he didn’t need flood insurance. Tim’s homeowners insurance did not cover the expense of fixing the flood damage. And he did not have the thousands of dollars to make the repairs.
Over the next few years Tim was making good progress on doing the repairs himself….until the home flooded again! After the second flood, Tim discovered that the home had also flooded in 1996. Three floods in a dozen years!
Tim considers himself to be “the poster boy for the terror and heartache that can affect a family for YEARS after buying a home without flood insurance or a home inspection”.
The primary reason that homeowners do not by flood insurance is bad advice. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can be a source of truth and protection to Jacksonville homeowners.
Armed with the truth about flood insurance, most homeowners […]