Got Iguanas?

If you live in South Florida, of course you do!  And their numbers are growing.  A recent broadcast report by Terri Parker of WPBF-News in West Palm Beach revealed there could be millions of them out there.  And, as they encroach your property to feed on their favorite plants, they can wreck the foundation of your home along way.  Their burrowing will undermine seawalls, sidewalks, roofs, patios and levees as they feast on your valuable landscaping. If you have a second story home, Iguanas will eat their way up to your balcony while munching on colorful bougainvillea.

A Gnawing Problem

Internet service has been interrupted by iguanas climbing up power lines and chewing through cables.  A spokesman for Florida Power and Light reported that, in South Florida, iguanas are the second leading cause of power outages, behind squirrels.

Although Iguanas are vegetarian, they will bite you and your pets.  Veterinarians are reporting an increase in dogs being bitten by iguanas or slashed by their razor- sharp tails.

And why are we on the subject of Iguana damages today?  Because, typically, homeowner’s insurance policies exclude damages caused by reptiles, rodents, insects, birds, etc.  Most pest infestations and the accompanying damage are considered maintenance issues by insurance carriers. The insurance companies are counting on you to prevent those kinds of mishaps by eradicating the problem before it reaches Godzilla-like devastation.

Defending Your Turf

Pallant Insurance Agency wants to help you be proactive in avoiding the kinds of damages that are outside the perimeters of your homeowner’s insurance policy.  The following resources are provided with that in mind:

If you would like to learn more about the invasive, infringing intruding iguana,  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is an excellent resource.  You […]

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Buying a Condo? –

If you are thinking about purchasing a condominium in Florida, you’ll need to keep in mind some important aspects of Condo Insurance.  Also known as an HO6 policy, Condo Insurance is intended to extend your protection beyond the limits of the master insurance policy carried by your homeowner’s association (HOA).  The potential for losses due to water leaks and house fires spreading to other units is much greater in shared-wall or multi-family dwellings than in detached homes.  Condo Insurance is interior coverage from the “walls in” and protects you financially from loss, damage, theft and unforeseen expenses.

Standard coverage in a condo insurance policy includes:

  • Personal property: This can include such items as furniture, electronics, household goods, clothing, etc.
  • Personal and premises liability: This will protect you in the event someone is accidentally injured inside your unit.
  • Damage to unit structureEverything nailed down from the “walls in” is covered by your condo insurance: carpeting, ceilings, cabinets, countertops and built-in appliances.
  • Additional living expenses: If your condo is damaged to the point that it’s uninhabitable, this helps relocate you and pay living expenses while repairs are made.
  • Special insurance assessments:  In the event your community’s master insurance policy falls short in a covered peril loss, the condominium corporation may pass on assessments to the unit owners.  Loss Assessment coverage will protect you financially in such events.

Already Own a Condo?

Most likely, if you already own a condominium in Florida, you have condo insurance.  Although homeowner’s insurance is not mandatory in this state, your bank or mortgage company will require “creditor-placed” or “force-placed” insurance as part of the terms of your loan agreement.   If you obtained your home or condo insurance through your lender, it is possible that your coverage was […]

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