Along with all the other measures you take to prepare for hurricanes, floods or other disasters and the possibility of a mandatory evacuation, your pet requires a few extra considerations in addition to all the needs of your human family.  With adequate planning, your furry children will be as road ready as the rest of the family if the need arises to get out of your home for a few days.  These are some priorities to keep in mind when looking out for your pet’s safety during a disaster.

Identity Crisis –

Avoid this crisis altogether by having your pets micro-chipped in advance.  This simple procedure involves your veterinarian inserting a small device in your pet’s skin.  The microchip stores an identification number that can be read with a scanner and remains in them throughout their life.  If you pet is separated from you and found by someone else, your contact information is listed in a registry linked to their microchip.  This system is the best possible backup plan if your pet should lose their collar and tags.

In addition to micro-chipping,  a collar with tags is essential.  It’s a faster way to reunite you with your pet when a microchip scanner is not available.

Of course, both identification systems are only as good as the contact information you provide so it’s important to update any changes in your address or phone number with all your pet’s identification records.

Gimme Shelter –

If you’re lucky enough to stay with friends who love you as much as they love your dog, you are lucky indeed.  But, as a second choice,  if you’re able to find  pet-friendly lodging you’re still pretty lucky. and are directories of hotels, campgrounds and other accommodations where your pet is as welcome as you are.

If your luck has run out entirely in searching for a temporary place to stay with your pet and the only option left is finding an emergency shelter, contact your local emergency management office and ask if they offer accommodations for owners and their pets.


Stocking Up and Taking Stock –

A few other ways to prepare for emergency evacuation with your pet is to have these supplies on the ready along with all your other disaster preparation supplies:

  • Pet food and water, enough for five days.
  • Medications and medical records, as well as your veterinarian’s information, stored in a water proof container. This would be a good place to stash a photo of you and your pet together in case you are separated.
  • Leashes and harnesses to restrain and carriers to transport
  • Towels, blankets, pet beds, cat litter and litter box, garbage bags, paper towels and a small container of bleach.

Another great resource to have available during a disaster is the FEMA Mobile App


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