In the wake of Hurricane Andrew and the devastion to Florida, the state saw the need for change and formed two state insurance carriers.  In 2002 the two carriers were combined to form Citizens Property Insurance.  Citizens is the largest insurer of hurricane coverage in the state of Florida.  Citizens offers discount credits up to 45% on hurricane insurance.  Mitigations such as opening protection (shutters/impact glass and doors), the roof shape and how a roof  is attached to a house can affect the discount.  To obtain these credits,  a Wind Mitigation Report (windstorm inspection) performed by a licensed expert, with accepted forms and photos are submitted for verification.  Hurricane insurance can sometimes be obtained as part of, or seperate from, your homeowners policy.

Currently, Citizens has enacted a depopulation program to return some Citizens owned policies to private insurers.  These private insurers are referred to as takeout companies.  If your policy is selected, you will receive a letter from the takeout company informing you that they would like to take over (takeout) your policy.  If you would like to accept your takeout offer, no action is needed, but if you wish to retain your Citizens policy you will need to complete and return an opt-out form within 30 days.  The following link provides resources on Citizens own website to help you with your decision:  We STRONGLY suggest you contact Pallant Insurance to discuss your otions if your receive an opt-out letter.

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