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Protect Yourself and Your Home This Halloween –

According to Travelers Insurance, last year insurance claims related to property crime, including theft, vandalism and malicious mischief, spiked by 24% on Halloween.  The Highway Loss Data Institute reported in recent years, “Nationally, the number of [...]

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Sinkholes?

Spotting Sinkholes -  Florida is the sinkhole capital of the nation.  Some regions of the state report more sinkhole activity than others, but we all share a common foundation, primarily limestone or dolomite, which dissolves [...]

Hard Hitting Facts on High Impact Windows

Improving Your View One of the most impressive images from the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael last week was the family home of Dr. Lebron Lackey on Mexico Beach, Florida.  Still standing amid the debris [...]

What About Mold Damage?

Is Mold Damage Covered by Your Homeowner’s Insurance? Short answer:  Possibly. The rest of the story is that, typically, home insurance policies cover mold damage that is directly related to a "covered peril."   Assuming your [...]